5 Alternatives for Social Deception Based Game Like Among Us

The exceedingly popular deception-based game, Among Us has already bagged a million downloads in just a few months and could also be the most played game this year. While the game has been enjoying massive success obviously due to the Lockdown as it is free to play, this isn’t the only game in the category. If you are looking for similar social deception games which is a fine balance of deception and cooperation which can be played online. These are the games that you would like:

1 Push the Button (Jackbox Party Pack 6)

Push the Button

This is another social deception game which supports 4-10 players like Among Us. This game is based in space and divides teams into humans and aliens. The main motive of the game is for the humans to identify the aliens and eject them from the ship and the aliens work on sabotaging the humans plan and turn them against each other. Unlike Among us where you can discuss only during meetings, here you can have friendly banter throughout the game.

2 Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler

In this game players are divided into two: liberals and fascists and the fascists have a randomly selected Hitler. The core element of the game is just like Among Us where in the team needs to identify the perpetrator. You need to be very cautious in this game as you can’t identify the perpetrator easily. 

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3 Trouble in Terrorist Town

3 Trouble in Terrorist Town

This is one of the best games was released 10 years back and still holds the top spot. There are three teams, innocents, traitors and detectives. Where traitors job is to eliminate the innocent players and detectives and innocents must survive while identifying the traitors in the game. This game has large maps, a lot of weapons and built-in communication. 

4 Hidden Agenda

4 Hidden Agenda, 5 Alternatives for Social Deception Based Game Like Among Us

Hidden Agenda on PlayStation 4 is from the same makers of Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures Anthology. This can be played by anyone and is a low impact party game. Hidden agenda is like a movie where characters hunt a serial killer. All you need to do is select options and interactions with the game which includes finding objects with other players and the secret in the game is that the players have their own agenda, and those players might try to sabotage your progress.

5 Project Winter

5 Project Winter, 5 Alternatives for Social Deception Based Game Like Among Us

Project Winter is similar to Among Us, where you and up to seven players need to work together to call for a chopper which will rescue you from the mountain. But the twist is that two players out of you are plotting against and are looking to sabotage your progress. The job of the perpetrators is to stop the other players from leaving the mountain. No one knows who the culprit is, but they have to work together as the game isn’t easy and with wild animals around. You need the other persons help to survive.