How can I add more RAM to my android device?

Every android device comes with limited RAM, and it is one of the essential hardware in your device. Your device’s storage might be more, but the RAM is an average of 4GB RAM. The ram of your phone allows you to do functions at a higher speed, and it also allows you to multitask.

Phones with less RAM cannot function at higher speed and do not give the same accessibility as Devices with more RAM.

Why does your phone need RAM?

RAM is an essential aspect of your phone as your RAM allows your processor to work faster. It will enable your games and applications to run smoothly on your phone. If you add more RAM to your device, then your phone will work faster and much smoother.

Your device might face some playback problems because of slow internet, which can be solved and speeded up with additional RAM.

Why does your phone need RAM, add more RAM to my android device

How does RAM swapping work?

RAM swapping works mainly on desktops to dedicate a part of your hard disk to increase your RAM space. In this, the data is stored in your hard drive instead of being deleted. This can also be done on your mobile phone, but you have to root your device, and it requires dedicated software.

Increasing RAM on your android device.

To use the swap method, you need a sound microSD card along with an android device and an app to swap the files for you. This might not work in a few phones as they have certain limitations in exchanging files, and you cannot change it.

You can use an app called MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check which will tell if it is possible with your device or not. You need to insert a MicroSD card on your phone; please make sure it is a sound quality card.

Now you need to download a swapping app to swap files from your device to your storage; some of the best applications are Swapper and Free Swapper for Root. Remember that your device needs to be rooted for these applications to work.

Launch the application and create a swap file and select where you want to transport the file; after that, start swapping. After you complete the swapping part, you will need to restart your phone for it to work.

Android Memory Management

Android Memory Management, add more RAM to my android device

If you can’t root your phone or there is a limit to the files you can swap, there is another method in which you can save up on your RAM. You need to improve your android memory management.

You need to use a lighter version of applications; uninstall apps you don’t need, avoid unnecessary applications on your phone; also, try shutting the background apps.

Does increasing your RAM work?

If you have successfully swapped the files, then you will see your device performing better and the games running smoother than before. You will also be able to overlook all the files on your devices and even your RAM storage. You will be able to see an improvement in your phone’s performance.