All you need to know about FIFA 21

The world’s most popular football simulator FIFA released its 28th instalment FIFA 21 worldwide on 9th October for PS4, windows, Nintendo switch & Xbox One.  

VOLTA Football 21

Introduced in FIFA 20, Volta mode makes a comeback in this new version as well with several gameplay improvements. New play modes such as the Debut, the sequel to last year’s story mode featuring Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, Kaká and Frank Lampard. There is also an addition of 5 new locations and a Volta stadium. Also featuring Volta Squads where you can play with friends or the community and feature battles mode.

Career Mode

VOLTA Football 21

EA has been constantly improving this section with every new version and has not let go of this trend this time as well. With new inclusions such as a revamped interactive match simulation mode allowing players to instantly jump in and out of matches in addition to changing game plans in real time. Revamped growth system enables players to adjust to different positions to fit your needs.


VOLTA Football 21

The new Agile Dribbling system enables you to explode past defenders and be more precise with the ball at your feet

Creative runs allow you to control off-the-ball players. 

Positioning personality is an improvement in the positional awareness of the players with world-class forwards holding their runs to stay on-side, defenders identifying danger, and playmakers dropping into space.

Try out the Competitor mode setting to make it more of a challenge as it is inspired by the best FIFA players in the world giving you a feel of facing the best.

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Ultimate team

Ultimate team

This features 100 icon players with 11 new names featuring as icons for the first time. An addition of co-op gameplay feature such as Division rivals, squad battles and friendlies unlocking new objectives and rewards


The graphics for current gen didn’t have much improvements however we can expect a surprise for the next gen reveal for PS5 and Xbox series x6



A ton of new features has been confirmed for the next-gen consoles

  • Super fast load times to kick-off
  • Deferred lighting and rendering
  • Next-gen technology will assure you have a very realistic experience 
  • Enhanced animation technology – ultra-responsive and realistic player movements
  • Off ball humanisation – from adjusting shin pads to screaming for passes, this feature adds the true emotion of football at the highest level
  • Gameplay immersion makes a realistic atmosphere with bench, fan reactions and contextual players. 

The only bad news is the launch for the next-gen console has been pushed to 4th December which was initially scheduled to release on November.