Mario Party 2 is Still the Best Mario Party Game and it’s Not Even Close

For the record, I’ve played every console Mario Party game from 1 to 8 several times. I never had much interest in playing 9, I didn’t have a Wii U to play 10, and Super Mario Party didn’t appear to be entertaining enough to warrant my purchase. I’ve tried a few of the portable games, but to be honest, they don’t merit much praise.

What makes Mario Party 2 so special?

Mario Party

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  1. Interesting gimmick boards

In MP2, you may choose from six different boards, all of which are enjoyable to play on. It’s not too huge, but it’s also not too little. Every Mario Party board has its own set of gimmicks, and they’re all done in a straightforward manner. Some may consider gimmicks like the cannonballs in Pirate Land to be ridiculous because they return you to the beginning of the level. Yes, they may be bothersome, but they don’t create too many occurring areas for that to happen frequently. As part of your plan to move closer to a star or get someone else further away from a star, you may actually want the cannonball to strike you and/or your opponents. All of the other maps feature similar gimmicks that might be irritating, but they also have a lot of advantages. A good board has a gimmick that can be exploited to produce intriguing moves without being overbearing, and MP2 is the only one that has one for every board.

Mario Party-2

I enjoy a lot of the other Mario Parties, but there’s usually at least one bad board in every game that I try to avoid. Is there anyone who like the teleporter maze in Mario Party 1’s Eternal Star? Is the thwomp train a fun addition to Mario Party 3’s Creepy Cavern, or does it make traveling the two ends of the board a chore? In Mario Party 4, Koopa’s Seaside Soiree, you must continually provide money to a koopa to force you to flip a coin on the path you travel from a ukiki banana peel; this is neither entertaining nor exciting. I could go on, but it doesn’t take long to come up with a bad board in a Mario Party game.

  1. Minigames that are simple to play

Although the bulk of the minigames in Mario Party 2 are carried over from the original game, a handful has been tweaked to make them more playable and intriguing. The majority of the minigames are about 30 seconds long and need at least some talent to win. Almost all of these games are also incredibly simple to pick up and win the first time you play, which is a major plus. After Mario Party 2, the minigames get more inventive and sophisticated, and they may be rather enjoyable. However, they can be a headache to play until you’ve done them a few times, or they’ll always be unpleasant or too unpredictable. Beginner-friendly minigames are the best since new friends may learn fast and experienced players don’t have a significant edge over others.