Best Video Player Apps for Android

In the market, a few of these media players are extremely common. It means you’ve probably run into a number of them at least once. We’ll also discuss several lesser-known video applications that can improve your video sharing experience significantly.

Video Player Apps for Android

1) VLC Media Player for Android

VLC Media Player for Android

The VLC app for Android has a large following thanks to its desktop counterpart, which has been around for a long time. The app has all features you’d expect, including wireless file transfer over a WiFi network. You can, of course, manually add media content from a device as well. It has pretty much all of the features you’d expect from a media player app.

It is why it is straightforward to play and has no in-app purchases or commercials. The app’s creators have also got the main source code available, allowing everyone to work on it as they see fit. VLC is one of the most dependable media players due to its features and the fact that it is supported by a great number of loyal users.

2. Player MX

Player MX

Another video player Android app that we wholeheartedly suggest to our readers is MX Player. It has a much more sophisticated interface than VLC and is also a little more straightforward in its gestures, close to those offered by VLC.

Due to licensing issues, the software lacks DTS and AC3, but users can download custom codecs for the app from various sources online. MX Player is a video utility that both users and experts highly regard. It is available for free download, but there are advertisements and in-app purchases. You can unlock some additional features by making an in-app purchase, which is worth checking out.

3.Video Player Archos

Video Player Archos

Given the dominance of the apps listed above in the Play Store, users may be unaware of Archos Video Player. However, it’s a handy app with a slew of features to help you navigate your media consumption. It’s a French company that produces low-cost smartphones and tablets for the European market.

If the user has several video sources, the app will automatically group them to find them easier to find in a large pile. The graphics are worth noting because they provide a detailed view of your material, including album art and posters for specific titles. The Archos Video Player is available for free download, but it contains advertisements and in-app purchases.

These are the top 3 best Video Player Apps for Android, very trendy to use!