Concern over WhatsApp new policy

Data Privacy: Concern over WhatsApp new policy

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WhatsApp is the most used application, and its parent Facebook also has millions of users. Both kept almost 200 million user base that means having a large amount of data of people worldwide, and this time by the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, it looks like they want to take and use personal data for themselves. 

What is the Controversy? 

WhatsApp is the most used application

WhatsApp is in the storm nowadays regarding its new privacy policy that will share users’ commercial data with its parent Facebook. And privacy is a basic right for everyone, and from 8 Feb, all have to accept its terms and conditions; otherwise, their WhatsApp account will close. Those direct means are that if 

anyone doesn’t want to share his data, he will not use WhatsApp anymore. WhatsApp takes our location, time zone, IP address, phone number, contacts, and other sensitive information. Nearly 200 million users are of WhatsApp. Suppose this amount of data will be shared. In that case, it can be a threat to the

economy, the economy, and the country’s security by The Confederation of All India Traders, CAIT. 

Clarification From WhatsApp 

Clarification From WhatsApp

For a long time, Facebook is saying that they don’t share anyone’s data. Sources from the government say intermediary guidelines are in work to safeguard such types of practices. To understand intermediary, it’s just a platform where the third party places content they do not own. That makes them safe from liability for any unlawful content Government has to direct intermediary concern to 

remove that within a period. The government can’t do anything until the intermediary fails in their action.

Sources bring information that the government is not ready to allow WhatsApp to share commercial user data with Facebook; it can not be considered a safe intermediary. The data protection Bill aims to put curbs on sharing personal data outside of the country can conflict with WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. Recent Bill is not a low right now and in the hands of a committee in Parliament to examine that first. A WhatsApp spokesperson said that Facebook is trying to make businesses easy to contact their customers easily on WhatsApp, and it will not affect how you chat with your members. 

Information and Technical minister Ravishankar Prasad demanded the government to restrict WhatsApp to implement its new policies in the country or should ban the application and its parent company Facebook, they will get a huge amount of data that can be used for any purpose. 

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Support And Resistance 

What is the Controversy

Many of the users and community are defending WhatsApp and its new policies by giving their own reasons. Maybe its new policies could not be disturbing to normal users, but corporations and tech persons will not be ready to share their data with any third parties. They are demanding the government to restrict these kinds of policies in any application and Technical way. It looks clear WhatsApp is no longer safe and whether its policies should change or must ban to safeguard privacy and security.