FAKE PUBG Mobile India APK Download Link available on Internet. DO Not Download.

Be aware Mobile gamers across India as there is a fake APK download link of PUBG Mobile India available on the internet and they are supposedly malware. 

PUBG Corp is gearing up to bring its game PUBG Mobile back in the country with new features and keeping the security and privacy of Indian players as PUBG Mobile India and will be custom-made to cater to Indian players with new characters and gameplay. Though the game is unlikely to be launched until next February and so has been stated by the company. However, many fans of the game have come across an APK download link of PUBG Mobile India on various websites. 


Fake APK files are Dangerous

Many of these links that are available on the Internet are fake and not from a genuine source. Most of the times they all have malware in them. These links can be dangerous as hackers can get access to your devices like smartphones, laptops and could steal sensitive and important data.

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Such malicious links have made several users fall prey in the past and which has led to damaging their devices. However, PUBG Mobile India has asked its users and fans to have patience as there are many speculations that the game will be launched soon and meanwhile which has led to players trying to find the download link on third party websites.

What Can you expect from PUBG Mobile India?

Among the 118 Chinese apps that were banned in India due to privacy and security reasons, PUBG Mobile was also one of them. These apps “are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, the security of the state and public order”. As told by the Indian Government.

Last month PUBG Corp revealed to the country that it has received the required permission to bring the game back to India while keeping the privacy of the players and the regulations set by the government. The company also stated that the data and privacy of its user is their utmost priority and will be stored locally. 

You could expect the Indian version of the game to have certain changes in clothes, gameplay, characters, the lobby and other changes as told by the government.