5 best workout and fitness Android games

Keeping your body sound and fit is very important, especially in today’s technological advance and busy world. The other thing is that we are also getting close to something slowly and steadily, known as gaming. And, that is why today we are going to mix up two things: fitness and gaming. And, eventually, let you know about some of the best workout games and fitness games specifically meant for Android.


Achievement, fitness Android games

Achievement is the first name that we have on the list. As the name suggests, it is a great application that keeps you on your toes. And you must install this application to save yourself Motivated.

Burn Your Fat With Me

Burn Your Fat With Me, fitness Android games

Burn your fat with me is the next name that we have on the list. It is the next name that we have on the list that motivates you like anything. The other thing here to note is that it is free to download, which is another good thing.

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Fitness RPG

Fitness RPG

Fitness RPG is the name of the following application on the list. It keeps track of all your physical activities and suggests to you what else you should be doing.

Pokemon Go (and similar games)

Pokemon Go, fitness Android games

Pokemon Go is the following name, and it is incredible. It keeps you going, plus it also monitors and helps you in upskilling yourself. You must try this application at least once.


Walker fitness app

Coming up, we have with us the name of the following application, which is Walker. This application is capable of doing wonders when it comes to motivating you. Also, it is a good option for all beginners.


Zwift fitness app, fitness Android games

Last but not least, the next name that we have on the list is Zwift. It is a great application. It is free to download, which is fantastic. The other thing to note here is that it keeps a monitor on all your activities and motivates you.

Final words

Having such kinds of games on your cell phones motivates you to go a mile extra and do some workout in real life too. In a way, it is good to play these games for motivation. Let us know in the comment section, which is below, just after the post ends. We will be very grateful to you if you do let us know the modification needed.