Best French to English Dictionary & Phrases Apps for Android

These apps are ideal for tourists, teachers, and students who want to learn French quickly.

These Android French English dictionary apps also give you exact details on your favorite French phrases. Newzoogle has compiled a list of the best French English dictionary applications for Android to save you time. I hope that these applications will assist you in expanding your French vocabulary.

French to English Dictionary & Phrases Apps for Android

1. Dictionary of French and English

For beginners, this is the best French English dictionary app. You will learn the definitions, translations, pronunciations, conjugations, and grammar of famous French words. This French English dictionary app explains popular French phrases and dialogues so you can converse in French with confidence. You may also make a dictionary note of your favorite words.

Free Dictionary and Education in French and English

2. Free Dictionary and Education in French and English

This French English dictionary app will help you develop your French-speaking skills by allowing you to look up synonyms and translations for your favorite French terms. You can correct your spellings automatically, listen to the words, and go through them again whenever you like.

3. Free French to English Translator

This is a great Android app that offers translations for various languages, including French, English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and many others. This app also operates offline and provides you with the word of the day to keep your vocabulary up to date; for more details, go to.

4. Linguee -new school.

A dictionary of French and English. Linguee is a little more divisive, and I’ve met a few people who dislike it (though I’ve yet to hear a convincing reason). When I’m working online, though, it’s my absolute favorite.

If you’re fortunate, many digital dictionaries can give you a simple definition and some context. Linguee, on the other hand, provides critical meaning as well as some additional details.

Ascendo App -newer school

5. Ascendo App -newer school

It is a dictionary of French and English. This is for all of you mobile addicts. The Ascendo App is a fantastic app to have on your computer. Though there are numerous French-English dictionary apps available, Ascendo is one of the more recent additions.

It also includes good features such as a translator, a phrasebook, and a verb conjugator (the latter is beneficial).

6. FluentU-newest school.

It is a dictionary of French and English. You can only get so far by reading sample sentences. Since it fills in the contextual gaps that traditional dictionaries don’t, FluentU is a beneficial French-English resource.

Simply put, you’ll learn new French words the way native speakers do in everyday situations.

You can type a word into the FluentU search box, and original French videos with that word will appear.

To learn the meaning of a word in context, press the Dialogue tab to see a complete transcript from the video alongside a professional English translation. However, you can also watch the video, which includes interactive subtitles that will help you learn the word you searched for!

These are some good-to-use and understand French language references to help you out!