Garena Free Fire Update: New Weapons, New Training Arena and Much More in the Latest Update

Garena Free Fire fans, there is an update which will get you all excited. The latest Garena Free Fire update will be adding a lot of new weapons like the M4A1 and will be buffing up the damage of the game and also a new training area for players has been added. 

Garena Free Fire is a popular mobile multiplayer game like PUBG Mobile which is going to be receiving a major update on December 7 which will bring changes to the training map and upgraded guns portfolio. 

In the list of the updated and upgraded guns, we have the M4A1 which is a classic assault rifle and for SMG we have P90 which has been adjusted for damage and recoil. The developers of the game have also introduced an advanced attachment feature like call of duty mobile where attachments can be added to the gun so as to increase the performance of the gun and also a more enjoyable looting experience is in place. 

The new gun M4A1 assault rifle is a long-range assault rifle and in the update the range and rate of fire is increased as well as inflict more damage. Similarly, the P90 has also been buffed for extra damage and the recoil as well has been reduced and balances with the rate of fire. 

Garena Free Fire Update-6

The game developers, Garena informed its user base through official Facebook and Instagram page that the downtime for maintenance will begin on 7 December 9:30 Am to 5:15 IST. The developers said in a statement: “During this time, players will not be able to enter the game, but you can continue playing as usual,”

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Garena Free Fire players will be experiencing an updated map and also a new training arena after they update their game. Now the game is also being endorsed by famous footballer and legend, Christiano Ronaldo. There is also a reward claiming system that is being introduced in the game after the update. There will be Bermuda Shells to obtain fireworks, dynamic lighting and also a music arcade will be a part of the game.

Garena Free Fire Update-7

The update will also bring the Operation Chrono in which users will only be able to take part once they update the game, also adds a new surfboard adjustment and weapon status adjustments. The developers of Garena Free Fire also stated that it is introducing the game’s first ever dual wielding weapons called the Vector Akimbo which will help players cause damage with weapons in both hands. 

The game will be available on both Google Play Store and App Store for iOS users.