GeForce Now, The Future Of Gaming. Cloud Gaming Is the New Way Of Gaming.

Cloud gaming is the future of gaming and most of the platforms have started adapting to the new technology. GeForce Now is one such cloud gaming platform which is now available on iOS. GeForce Now allows you to play PC games on your laptop or desktop even if you don’t have a high-end gaming PC. 

GeForce Now, The Future Of Gaming.

The graphics processor manufacturer, Nvidia who are known all over the world for making some of the best graphic cards for gaming are now ready with its game streaming service. It is a similar concept to Googles Stadia where games are rendered over powerful servers and then streamed to your device over high-speed internet.

GeForce is one of the most consumer friendly cloud gaming service as of today. You can use it on your Android, iOS devices and even on a PC, Mac or a Chromebook.   It is more like Netflix where you can stream many movies on one device, similarly GeForce Now lets you stream your own game and play it on multiple devices.  The recommended connection speed is at least 15Mbps for gaming at 720p at 60fps and to play at 1080p at 60fps you will need a minimum 25Mbps connection. But to have a seamless experience and minimize the latency Nvidia recommends a 5GHz Wi-Fi or a wired connection.

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You won’t really need a high-end gaming PC to run GeForce Now, but you will still need to meet certain minimum requirements for your device be it a PC, Android phone or a Mac. Also, just like playing games on your PC or a PlayStation you will have to own the game first in order to play it. Games bought on platforms like Steam, Epic or UPlay and other game stores are also supported. Though you still have some free to play games in the list like Fortnite and Destiny 2.

GeForce Now is free to use if you own the game but it will consume a fair amount of internet bandwidth and it depends on the graphic settings and resolution you wish to play in. Nvidia claims it will utilize 10GB of data per hour if you wish to play at 1080p at 60fps which is way more than Netflix’s estimate of 7GB per hour if you are viewing videos at 4K.

So how do we sign-in to GeForce Now? Well, if you try signing up on GeForce Now from India, you will get a message saying “not supported in your region” so all you must do is use a VPN service and if you are using the Opera Browser, it has a built in VPN. 

The Membership for GeForce Now is roughly around Rs. 377 (it costs $4.99) a month which gets a priority access to the servers of Nvidia and each of these sessions can last up to 6 hours plus you get to connect faster to the game. There are different tiers and whichever tier you choose it will then ask you for Facebook, google or Nvidia sign in to finish the formalities. Then download the GeForce Now client on your desktop or device.