HITMAN Series Teased James Bond 007 Themed Project under Development

IO Interactive the developers behind the legendary HITMAN series of games has now teased its new title in the franchise and it is Project 007. As the name suggests, the game is going to be based on the British Secret Agent- James Bond and will follow an original story.

The company released a 1-minute short teaser trailer which doesn’t reveal much but shows a 7.65mm bullet loading into the innards of the barrel of the Walther PPK the most famous weapon of choice in the James Bond films. Later the camera pans to the other end of the barrel revealing the muzzle and then it flashes red to reveal –Project 007. The game is to be developed and published by IO interactive and promises to feature the original story of the intelligence officer and players will have to earn their 00 status. There is not much information on the website or even in the trailer as the project 007 is under development and new members are being recruited to work on it.

The platform that it can be played on has not been revealed as of now but knowing how games these days are being developed, it is safe to assume that it be out for the next generation consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S and also on PC as they have never left out PC from their platform list. The game is in its early development stages, hence it won’t be out for another couple of years, so the game releasing on PS4 or the Xbox One seems less possible. 

HITMAN Series Teased James Bond 007

During the PS5: The Future of Gaming event, the studio also revealed the final and the third entry to their HITMAN reboot series. It is set to release in Jan 2021, and it will be dealing with all the loose hanging threads and will be giving out shocking revelations and a dramatic conclusion to the Saga of Agent 47. The game is also supposed to be released on VR specially for users who own PlayStation VR where the players can experience the game in virtual reality. Hitman 3 is to be released on most of the latest platforms like PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia and Windows PC.