Horizon Forbidden West game

With its cross-gen release, it was already one of the most eagerly awaited PS5 titles for 2021.

Horizon Forbidden West will pick off where the first game, Horizon Zero Dawn, left off, however, in this sequel our hero Aloy is heading west.

The launch date for Horizon Forbidden West is set for 2021, which is all we knew for now. In a carry dev diary, Guerilla confirmed the wide release timeframe, but we will not have a day and even a month to prepare for just yet. Horizon Forbidden West is still aiming for a late 2021 launch date, so anticipate seeing Aloy before the close of the year, according to a since been.

Horizon Forbidden West game

* Horizon Forbidden West is only available on PlayStation 5.

If you’d like to play Horizon Forbidden West until it comes out, you’ll need to have a PS5 – or a PS4 – for the time being. Though its precursor, Horizons Zero Dawn, is currently available on PC, there are no assurances that Horizon Forbidden West will follow in its footsteps.

* Suitability

To put some minds at ease, just because one first-party AAA title is coming to PC is does not mean that any game will follow suit. Head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios Herman Hulst commented at the time. Horizon Zero Dawn, in my opinion, was a perfect fit for this situation. We don’t have any plans for a specific day or time, and we’re still 100% devoted to an embedded system.

* The narrative of Horizon’s Forbidden West

Guerrilla provided a suggestively ambiguous summary for Horizon Forbidden West on the PlayStation Blog.

Horizon Forbidden West resumes Aloy’s narrative as she travels west to some far America, which she will meet amazement technology and terrifying new perils.

* Tactics

We have maybe one teaser for Horizon Forbidden West to do it on, and there’s a lot to cover. To begin, we see that Aloy is still wearing her Focus, a little Internet headset that she uses to assist her scan the environment. We also see her atop a Charger, implying that she’s either created a new weapon to allow her to overcome them or acquired new tactics to accomplish the same goal.

Horizon Forbidden West game

* Conclusion

The first music from the Horizon Forbidden West music, which was used in the event’s debut teaser, has been released on multiple streaming sites by Guerilla and Sony. The score, dubbed Promise of the West, was composed by famous Dutch computer game composer Joris de Man and features a dramatic blend of noises that builds to a thumping, epic finish.