How to delete your WhatsApp account- Android and iOS

WhatsApp has been used for many years by millions of people. That means WhatsApp has a large amount of data of people who need security and privacy. Every person has a different meaning for his privacy. And it’s a right in our law to keep your privacy safe, and none can take it without your will. Now come again to WhatsApp; if you are here to see how to delete your WhatsApp account in 2021, it is obvious here that you have got to know about WhatsApp’s new privacy and security terms and policies that everyone will have to accept. It’s directly showing in the policies that your data will share with its parent application: Facebook. So if you’re among those who disagree with their new policies and want to delete WhatsApp now, then below are the steps to delete WhatsApp accounts on Android and iOS. 

  • Delete your WhatsApp account in Android To remove your WhatsApp account on your android phone, you have to follow these simple steps:

How to delete your WhatsApp

Step 1: First of all, obviously open your WhatsApp, then click on the three dots right above. You will get a list of options, then click on Settings. Step 2: Now you are on another page, Tap on the account option, here you will find other options. 

Step 3: Here, you will get’ account’ on that page; tap on the ‘Delete my account’ option 

Step 4: On this page, you should confirm your phone number, then Tap on the ‘Delete my account’ option. 

  • Delete your WhatsApp account in iOS 

How to delete your WhatsApp-1

Do you use iOS, then don’t worry it is easy to remove your WhatsApp permanently in easy steps: 

Step 1: Surely, first open your WhatsApp, Tap on Settings, then in the setting, Tap on the account. 

Step 2: So you are on the account page and can see the ‘Delete my account’ option, Tap on that. One more step, 

Step 3: Final step, On this page, enter your Phone number and Tap on the ‘Delete my account’ option. 

Now finally, you will be able to say goodbye to your WhatsApp account permanently from your mobile phone, whether Android or iOS. And you are not ready to share your privacy with anyone; then it is obvious suggesting to delete WhatsApp account from your phone. You can follow the above-given steps to remove your WhatsApp account forever.

How to delete your WhatsApp

And there is a difference between log out and delete, so make sure what steps you are following. By tap on log out, you will just remove your account and can log in anytime you want. And for deleting permanently, you have to choose your phone number. In the final step, deleting your account will automatically delete you from WhatsApp forever; you can not log in with the same phone number. 

I hope you got all the solutions here, and it’s an excellent choice not to share your private data to anyone; it’s not a big deal to delete WhatsApp texting for your privacy.