PS5 Is Marvel, Loaded With Surprising Features

PlayStation 5 is the next-gen PlayStation console that has already created a lot of buzz after Sony’s The Future of Gaming event on June 11. Through the event, we finally got our first look at the PS5’s design and the PS5 games line-up.

The PS5 design was a shock to most of us and the unveiling of the PS5 Digital Edition – an streamlines, all-digital console without a disc drive; added to the element of surprise.

The event made one thing clear that the focus was on games rather than hardware – at least until the end – and fans finally got what they wished for, starting with an enhanced GTA V to new Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, Hitman and Ratchet & Clank titles.

The PlayStation 5 is a genuine re-think of the console which adopts a new coloring scheme leaving behind the all-blame we’ve used in the last three machines favouring futuristic white and black monolith.

The design speaks for itself and it will possibly be a game-changer in the future of Xbox series. If I were to describe it’s design in one word, I would say ‘unorthodox’.

In a talk with PushSquare, the PlayStation blog marketing bigwig Eric Lempel threw light on his first look at the PS5.


“I believed I was going to a design meeting,” Eric explained. “And I reached this floor, and there were a few doors you had to get through. You finally arrive to this mini vault, a walk-in vault type of structure. There are these nice lights up above shining down upon us. And there it was. Everything you saw today: PS5 was present there, both units. The entire line of peripherals.”

Lempel was confident that those who are shocked by the appearance of PS5 may grow to praise it more in the flesh. “When you see this thing in reality, there are a lot of great, surprising features. It’s beautiful, it’s just a marvel. I think people are going to love having in their home, it’s something they’ll want to flaunt.”
Sony has not yet announced the launch date of PS 5.