PUBG MOBILE INDIA Will Let You Retain Old Player IDs From Global Version

PUBG Mobile was recently banned in India and the news of the game making a comeback has given an adrenaline rush to all its loyal fans. PUBG Mobile India is going to make sure that all regulations as mentioned by the government of India will be its priority and a few changes will also be done to the game to make the game more localized and give a better experience to the players. The release date for the game is yet to be revealed but there are speculations from various sources that the players will be able to continue from their saved game profiles from the global version of the game. 


If this report from the sources is to be believed, then players of PUBG Mobile India will be able to retrieve their player IDs from the global version of PUBG Mobile. So, if you like do in-game purchases like buying skins, clothes, weapons or even a royale pass and have bought them on your global version account of PUBG Mobile then these items will be restored the moment you log in to your Indian version. There Is also a report circulation the web which shows a demo video of account migration from global version to the Indian Version.

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And if any of this news is true, then this development will come as a big relief to the players of PUBG Mobile India. PUBG Mobile has been in India for more than two years and had many players invested in the game. From Royale passes to skins to special items, PUBG Mobile had a lot to offer and gave a customized experience to players at a certain price. These items only made the characters of the players distinct and didn’t boost the performance or give any special advantage to the players over others. 

PUBG Mobile India will remain same as the PUBG mobile but will be tweaked to suit its Indian audiences. Unlike PUBG Mobile, here the players will be fully clothed, and the gore elements and the violent elements will be toned down in order to cater to the younger players too. In addition to that, players will also have Indian themed changes and special in game content suited to India.

However, PUBG Mobile India will not be migrating the banned accounts from the global version to the Indian version. All those accounts which were banned for 10 years by the game will have to create a new account so as to play the game. This is good for those players who get a fresh start so as to play the game without cheating. Knowing how PUBG Mobile is dealing with cheaters, the same anti cheat enforcements will be retained even in the Indian Version to ensure fair gaming experience.