Punjab Teenager Spends His Father’s Savings Worth Rs 16 Lakhs On PUBG in-Game Transactions

PUBG is a quite a popular game. It’s popularity has spiked a lot in the times of pandemic. Infact, there has been a steady growth in its revenues, according to Sensor Tower analysis.

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The gameplay of PUBG has often been labelled to be “addictive” which has even led to many bizarre incidents. One such incident happened recently with a teenager from Punjab. As per new report, the teenager spent Rs. 16 lakhs from his parents’ bank accounts to make in-app purchases on PUBG Mobile.

The 17-year old belongs to the town of Khakar, Punjab. Apparently, he spent the money buying in-game cosmetic items which do not add any edge to the player, but can be used to flaunt styles.

gizmogyaan, gizmo gyaan PUBG game, game, pubg

PUBG mobile allows micro-transactions through which real money can be transferred for UC or Unknown Currency. According to a report by Tribune, his parents were unaware of the situation as he had told that he was using the smartphone for studies.

It was easy for him to do the transactions as the as the bank details and card details were saved on the smartphone only. Reportedly, he also made purchases for his teammates. Majority of the in-game transactions were made in a month’s period. The family came to know about it all from their bank statements as he made sure to delete the bank messages from the mobile.

His father who is a government employee said, “I had saved the money for my medical needs and my son’s future. During the lockdown, I was staying at the place of my posting, while my son was staying with my wife here. He used her mobile phone to make all transactions and would delete the message regarding amount debited from account.”

gizmogyaan, gizmo gyaan PUBG game, game, pubg

He further added, “I just can’t let him sit idle at home and cannot give him a mobile phone even for studying. He is working at a scooter repair shop so that he realises how hard it is to earn money.”

The money is unlikely to be returned by the company as it was used in legitimate transactions.

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