Steps to secure your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn has grown a lot in popularity in the last few years and is a networking platform and a career development platform. Although there have been many security breaches as the profiles have all the users’ personal information.

Here are some easy tips on which you can secure your LinkedIn account.

Secure Your LinkedIn Account

A strong and unique password

This might be known to you, but it is essential in almost every other app with a password; please make sure you set a strong password with more than 12 characters. It should not be something obvious or something that your friends and family know.

You can also use a password generator if you want to, and that will come up with a very tough password. Use alphabets in both the upper and lower case, use symbols and numbers so that your account is hard to hack and your information is safe.

Enable two-step verification

Enable two-step verification

Please make sure you turn on the two-step verification feature, as this will add another layer to your account’s security. Even if people log in to your account, they will not access it without your permission.

Follow these steps

  • Go to me, then settings and privacy.,
  • Choose sign-in and security.
  • Look for Two-step verification and click Turn on.

With this feature, you will receive a message on your phone before you can access your account.

Connected devices

In the Accounts section, in your LinkedIn app, there is an option called ‘Where you’re signed in.’ With this option, you will be able to see all the devices you are logged in to, and now you can see those devices that have access to your account.

If there are other devices logged in, then you should disconnect them and change your password asap.

Your Profile visibility

Your Profile visibility

Your LinkedIn profile by default is in public, and your profile is visible to everyone on the platform and might be a problem. You can change your visibility, and not everyone will be able to see your profile on LinkedIn.

Third-party apps

Connecting third-party apps can increase the number of functions you can use with your LinkedIn, but it also means they can access your data. Before you join any of these apps, make sure you check what they have access to, you can check them now and disconnect if they seem harmful to your account.

Review your privacy and account settings

This step is essential as it will secure your account and make life harder for people trying to hack into your account. You can review your account and change the way you share data with other third-party apps. One can even change the visibility of your profile and many more things.

Reviewing is essential in everything, so please make sure you do it and keep your LinkedIn profile safe and secure.