9 Best speed test apps for Android

There are 4.39 billion internet users on the planet right now. It’s understandable that, with so many people online, the Internet can become slow at times.

It’s helpful to know your data speed so you can fix the problem and get back to posting videos to Facebook.

Speed Test Apps For Android

1. Ookla speed test

Ookla speed test

It is the most precise method for determining internet speeds and network diagnostics. Ookla speed test app is one of the most trusted names in speed testing, with over 10 million people using the platform and its apps regularly. You can see your download and upload speeds in Mbps, as well as the server and provider you’re using, in a matter of seconds.

2. Smart Speed

Smart Speed

SpeedSmart is a popular online speed test app for Android and iPhone, developed by Speedtest.net. It’s very accurate because it uses HTML5 instead of Flash or Java, and it’s also swift. This speed test also has a browser interface and saves your results history for future reference.

3. Perform a V-SPEED speed test

Perform a V-SPEED speed test

If you want a speed test that you can tailor to your needs, V-SPEED is the way to go. This cloud-managed test will, among other things, measure bandwidth, test a database of statistics, and run advanced VoIP tests.

4. Bandwidth space

Bandwidth space

This speed test can be used on any computer and in any place. It can be checked out from any computer with an internet connection to check your download and upload speeds.

5. Speedofme


It is a valuable tool for determining your internet connection speed. When you connect to the web, it will immediately estimate your position based on your IP address. The program will then analyze your internet latency, download, and upload speeds, as anticipated.

6. Speedcheck


When you’re out and about, Speed Check is an excellent app to have on your computer. This innovative application, brought to you by SpeedSpot, will provide you with all of the essential details you need.

It will, of course, display your upload and download speeds, but it will also allow you to save them for future reference.

7. Xfinity Speed Test

Xfinity Speed Test

It is a valuable method for determining internet speed. It is another browser-based tool that can show you your download and upload speeds easily.

However, there is one caveat: it is a Comcast-backed service.

8. DSLReports Speed Test

DSLReports Speed Test

It is more comprehensive than the others on this list. Of course, you’ll get the average upload and download speeds, but it’ll also ask you for additional details, such as your link sort, so that when it’s done, you’ll have reliable and actionable data.

9. Cox Internet speed test

Cox Internet speed test

As you would imagine, the Cox Internet Speed Test isn’t just for Cox customers. This speed checker includes the standard features such as upload and download speeds, but it may be slower than the others on this list.

The speed test page is also a little content-heavy, which could be off-putting to some.

These are some good 9 apps which can test the speed of your device very well! speed test apps for Android