7 Best WiFi apps for Android to analyze your WiFi

WiFi is an irritating piece of technology. Yes, it enables us to link to the Internet wirelessly.

When problems occur, however, troubleshooting is time-consuming and intensive. Fortunately, there are resources available to assist. Various WiFi applications will assist you in identifying and resolving issues. There are several ways to do so, as well as numerous applications to try. The best WiFi applications for Android are mentioned below.

WiFi Analyze Apps for Android

1. First Row of a Network

The First Row Network Scanner does just as it says on the tin. It looks for activity on your wireless network. You can see which devices are connected to the network and how much data each one is using in real-time. It also includes ping and traceroute software and port scanning, an IP calculator, and other valuable features. It’s a good idea to double-check all of your network’s devices.

2. GlassWire


GlassWire is a practical network application. It allows you to see what applications are using your phone’s data in real-time. There is a laptop version, which you can install on almost every device in the house to see if an app or game is hogging your bandwidth. Since you can see when apps link to the Internet, it’s also a good security measure.

3. Network Analyzer Pro

Network Analyzer Pro, WiFi Analyze Apps for Android

It is an excellent WiFi analyzer. It comes with a WiFi signal meter, a LAN scanner and displays wireless networks made using various protocols. Signal power, channel interference, ping, traceroute, and a port scanner are all displayed. The majority of these tools can help you troubleshoot network problems in a number of ways. It is available for a single $3.99 charge. Best Network Analyzer Pro Wifi app for android 

4. PingTools

pingtools apps

It is a web-based program that allows you to send and receive pings. One of the most commonly used WiFi network security software is PingTools. It comes with a speed test, port scanner, WiFi scanner, traceroute tool, ping tool, and network tracking. You should be able to detect or, at the very least, diagnose network issues. It’s also good for seeing what’s on your to-do list.

5. nperf

nperf apps, WiFi Analyze Apps for Android

Another standard networking tool that can help with WiFi issues is nPerf. It includes some simple features such as a speed test, browsing test, and streaming test to see whether your network can withstand the strain. If not, it has a network monitor that you can use to see if something is hogging your bandwidth. It’s also a one-stop-shop since it includes coverage charts for the major US carriers.

6. Surveyor and WiFi Analyzer

Surveyor and WiFi Analyzer

The WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor software is a valuable tool for determining WiFi dead zones. You can draw a floor plan and calculate the signal strength in each room. You may use this information to decide where your Signal is weakest. Then, to fill in the gaps in your house, you can add an extra access point to your setup. a place to call home. This one is entirely free and has no advertisements.

7. Olgor’s WiFi Analyzer

Olgor's WiFi Analyzer, WiFi Analyze Apps for Android

One of the most common WiFi apps for determining channel interference is Olgor’s WiFi Analyzer. It displays an easy-to-read graph with all of the SSIDs in your device’s range. The software also displays their preferred television channels. It is generally helpful to automatically see if your router chooses a less congested channel and how it compares to the signal strength of other WiFi devices.

These are the seven good WiFi Analyze Apps for Android you to check upon your WIFI.