Zombie Deadpool 1:6 Scale Figure is The Most Insane and Detailed Marvel Figure Ever

Hot Toys is known to make some amazing toys and 1:6 scale figures with extreme detailing and the new Marvel Zombies Deadpool has just crossed the line in too much detailing. Hot Toys has come with its new line of Marvel Zombie comic Book inspired Hot Toys figure and the Zombie Deadpool is the first in the series. It has done complete justice to the source material and shows Wade Wilson as an undead, shambling but still a superhero.

The Superhero is based on the Marvel Zombies world where earth is overrun by Zombies and there is a zombie apocalyptic plague unleashed. So, the Marvel superheros undergo an undead transformation but still retain their powers and personalities but are driven with an insatiable desire for live flesh.

Zombie Deadpool 16 Scale Figure

The Deadpool figure just like any other 1:6 scale figure is 12 inches tall and this version of the hot toy, it comes with various accessories which includes different kinds of weapons, a display backdrop which is also comic inspired also even a squirrelpool and headpool figurines. If you are a collector and wish to have a Deadpool Corps set, then you are halfway there after buying this figure.

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This stunning piece shows Deadpool in a zombie avatar with torn and ripped muscle, torn costume remnants which depicts the Merc with a zombie mouth just from the Marvel Zombies comic pages. The details on this figure are sculpted excellently and it has interchangeable eyepieces and also the rotten mouthpieces which can be altered to make amazing and horrifying expressions. 

Zombie Deadpool 16 Scale Figure

The Price of the Zombie Deadpool is $270 and can be pre-ordered online via sideshow collectibles and also other retailers in their respective countries. It is yet to be released and will be out sometime between October and December 2021.

Hot Toys has been known to make movie inspired Marvel figures over the years which includes at least three versions of Ryan Reynolds Deadpool and the Zombie Deadpool version is the company’s first shift to the comics. Recently the company also previewed the new line of venomized figures and also a spectacular looking venomized baby groot toy. Earlier Hot Toys also had a lot of figures inspired by Spider Man games displayed at the Sideshow con.